It’s summer-time, which means that many people are going to spending loads of time outside, whether that is soaking in the sun, or hanging out with family and friends. And that means music. Everyone loves having music playing when hanging out with friends and family. While some people may have some really impressive speakers available for playing music, picking up a waterproof Bluetooth speaker is definitely going to be a better option here. As you won’t need to worry about getting it wet and can even throw it into the pool. We’ve rounded up the top ten best waterproof Bluetooth speakers that are available right now.

One of our favorites on this list is the Ultimate Ears BLAST. The reason for this is because it offers that same great 360-degree audio quality that you’d expect from a Ultimate Ears speaker, and is also waterproof. But it also has Alexa included. So while you’re out cooking on the grill you can say “Alexa, play Spotify” or whatever music service you use. But there is 360-degree audio here, which is going to allow the BLAST to fill the entire backyard by itself, and if not, you can connect it to other Ultimate Ears speakers and really fill a larger area with sound. Either way, it’s going to be a good option for this summer.

There are plenty of other great speakers on this list below. Some of which are pretty cheap – we’re talking under $20 – while others are more expensive, closing in on around $200. So there’s something available for everyone, which is pretty important as well. You can pick up any of the speakers listed below and have a great time with any of them. These are all great options, even though the do all come in at different price points. Which is definitely a good thing here.