NETGEAR’s Orbi solution for improving the Wi-Fi signal throughout homes is one of the more popular mesh network-based options and right now the RBK50 Orbi WiFi System is available to buy for just $279 through Amazon. This is an extremely good price for this pack as while Amazon typically sells the bundle for $329, depending on the retailer you could pay up for $400 for this set.

The RBK50 Orbi WiFi System is the perfect option to get immediately up and running with a mesh network as the pack includes the main Orbi Router with its six high performance internal antennas, and a separate Orbi Satellite which comes with four of its own high-performance antennas. Therefore you can simply set the main router up and then position the additional satellite anywhere you feel the signal is starting to weaken and the two will work in conjunction to make sure the signal is stronger, everywhere. The satellite also comes with its own Ethernet ports in case you’d prefer to directly connect devices for a more reliable experience. What’s more, the system is compatible with an Android app which also lets the user do things they might not otherwise be able to – such as pause the internet or set limits for younger family members.